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Friends, sisters, creators, trendsetters, star-gazers, hell-raisers, and modern-day makers. Our designers’ talent and vision are the backbone of Ruby Star Society.

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Ruby Star Founder and Creative Director Melody Miller is a goal-setter, and unlike most of us, the big, scary, long-term ones are her favorites. “The hardest part is knowing what I want, but once I’m clear, I go for it.” We’re lucky that those goals, once upon a time, pushed her down an entrepreneurial path – one that eventually wound its way toward founding a fabric business.

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Alexia Abegg is one of those people with creativity in her genes; her mother is a seamstress and designer, her father, a musician and painter. “It was a very bohemian upbringing,” she recalls. “There was always a bent toward the arts in our house, and it definitely influenced my meandering path toward fabric design.”

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From summers in Japan with her fashion model mother to publishing two sewing books born of a wildly successful blog, Bay Area-based designer Rashida Coleman-Hale has lived a life brimming with excitement and inspiration.

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If you’re a longtime fan of the fabric and quilting industry, you know Kimberly Kight — or at the very least, you knew her fabric blog, True Up. The Texas-based designer began sewing as a hobby in 2001, which sparked her interest in fabric design.

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When your means are limited, the most valuable weapon in your creative arsenal is imagination – something Atlanta-based designer Sarah Watts has in spades. “We were always drawing to pass the time,” she says of her childhood.

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Brand Manager

With a background in film, Ohio native Devon Iott knows what’s pleasing to the eye. However, her career trajectory changed completely when she picked up a seemingly simple part-time job at a craft store, and soon went from being a cashier to a crafty teacher, cultivating a serious passion for sewing along the way.

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